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In the ever changing global scenario the security threat perception continues to evolve, however the general consensus is the move towards use of more technology to identify and neutralize threats. This has led to modernization programs being launched by large nations like
India with a focus on high technology systems & products.
This is combined with the aspiration to enhance “Make in India” through technology transfers, joint ventures with the objective of increased self - reliance and also more importantly job creation. There has also been a visible shift and increased engagement with the private sector
as an enabler to meet aspirations and goals. The opportunities for international companies in the defense and aerospace arena exist not only in platforms, but even more so in systems and sub systems.
We have actively been involved in several opportunities to provide companies strategic advice on market entry, assist companies building alliances and partnerships, help in building manufacturing and sales ecosystems to service defense & aerospace customers and win substantial contracts

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Homeland Security
Health Care
Blood Test

Health Care

The health care markets are undergoing a rapid technology evolution. In the emerging markets
of Asia, the challenge is to reach a vast part of the population with minimal access to health care and provide the necessary care at affordable costs. The investments required are significant wherein both the public and private sectors have roles to play. One of the growth areas which is likely to see significant investments is diagnostics, especially for infectious diseases.

We have assisted manufacturers to find suitable customers. We have also done work with manufacturers of molecular diagnostic instruments and kits to build a suitable entry strategy for the Indian market, including identifying channel partners, potential collaborations with large
customers, local contract manufacturing potential and opportunities.


With increased digitization and automation, the threat of cyber security has increased greatly. While companies operating in banking and finance have been victims of some of the vicious attacks and hence have had significant spend on this, there is now an increased awareness that automation especially in sectors like transportation, energy, and infrastructure is also of concern from cyber security threats thereby posing a significant national threat.

We have worked with a large global system integrator having extensive track record in design, engineering, implementation and operation of enterprise cyber security defense systems, solutions and products. This includes national and enterprise level CERT and SOCs. Through this partnership we are able to offer our customers both public and private tailor-made cyber defense/security solution for both IT and OT (SCADAS, PLC) based systems.

Security Cameras

Homeland Security

In partnership with the world’s leading system integrators, we provide a platform for our public
sector customers which combines intelligence gathering tools with large suites of analytics and
predictive capability. The system can be used both by federal and state Police and Intelligence
agencies to significantly enhance their capabilities in neutralizing various threats posed by
terrorism and organized crime syndicates.

We also offer various other bespoke solutions and products for application in advanced
perimeter security, forensic analysis, and marine intelligence.


Energy & utility companies are facing a paradigm shift in their businesses, given increased sources of energy available. This leads to various challenges in managing a diversified pool of sources, increased competition from diversified sources requiring enhancing efficiencies and
reducing costs, and enhanced safety and environmental standards requiring additional investments in automation.

To address the emerging needs, we have partnered with the leading technology providers to offer innovative solutions to our customers in terms of automation for enhanced efficiency, predictive tools for specific asset management, and technology based asset protection
solutions including using a variety of sensors and analytical tools.

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