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Strategic Advisory
Business Consultation

Strategic Advisory

We have successfully helped a number of companies build bespoke strategies for market entry, growth
and expansion. The approach is to define key success factors and identify short-, medium- and long-term

A typical process would entail detailed discussions with the customer to understand their product and
service proposition, track record in various markets, aspirations, and goals for expansion. This would be
followed by mapping of opportunities, evaluating key success factors, designing strategy and approach
to expansion and a recommended plan.

JVs, Technology Transfer and M&A

JVs, Technology Transfer and M&A

We have a proven track record of successfully executing several cross-border JVs, technology transfer & M&A transactions. We have worked for international companies seeking to form local alliances as part of an expansion strategy and JVs/ToT/Acquisition being part of either their overall market expansion strategy, or for a specific program or project.

A typical process would entail identifying a long list of potential target partners with their key strengths and benefits, creating a shortlist in discussions with the customer, and initiate discussions with short
listed target companies at senior-most levels to gauge interest. Following that, we would start serious engagement/discussion with a target based on feedback and the preference of the customer in terms of strategic fit, culture, shared objectives etc.

Once the parties have a good understanding of each other’s objectives and requirements, a term sheet / MoU would be typically signed with a view to proceed to the execution phase. The execution phase would require detailed due diligence; discussion of key terms (and a valuation in the case of M&A transactions followed by detailed documentation. We have expertise and capability to provide inputs and
advise on all aspects in this phase based on our deep understanding of markets. and also, specific requirements for cross border transactions based on regulatory and other relevant aspects.

Project & Program Local Partnership

Project & Program Local Partnership

We have partnered successfully with mid sized and large system integrators, technology providers and EPC contractors for specific programs/projects.

Our role would typically entail:

  • Origination Support including interfacing with the client and presenting the key strengths of
    the solution/ technology offered by our partner.

  • Building Local Echo System including identifying suitable sub- contractors/contract
    manufacturers and suppliers of various products and services and coordinating a procurement
    plan by seeking proposals, negotiations, and finalization.

  • Execution Support – local staffing, infrastructure and resources for engineering, operation and
    service support, contract negotiation, commercial discussions etc.

Building Distribution & Sales Network

Building Distribution & Sales Network

For large markets like India, the challenge for international companies is to build credible and sustainable sales and distribution channels to fully exploit the market’s potential. We have built B to B channels for several international firms across markets. A typical process would involve:

  • Phased Product Entry Plan

  • Identify, carry due diligence and negotiate arrangements with suitable Channel Partners, typically with expertise in the Market

  • Build direct access to Large Customers via senior sales team and our management involvement.

  • Build infrastructure to support Channel Partners for Marketing and Servicing etc.

  • Build echo system for access to regulators, local inputs, imports etc.

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